|| Om Sri Mahaganapathaye Namaha ||
Sri Swanandaashrama
(Ganesha Mahasamsthana)
Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya
Sonda Swarnavalli Mahasamstana
Ganesha Jnana-Vijnana Samshodhana Centre-(GJVSC)

The experience of the divinity emanates from acquisition of intellect and therefore the knowledge forms the basis for enhancing intellectual capacity of the human minds to grasp the spirit and science behind ancient practices.

While the construction of the temple complex is a mundane exercise to give earthly expression to various forms of the Lord, establishing a unique Centre of Research both for acquisition of fundamental knowledge of Ganesha with his divine powers and the science behind various aspects behind practice of mantra and tantra that go with the worship of Ganesha by use of images, icons and with the chanting of Sanskrit slokas, deciphering the significance of the force of cosmic energy hidden in the beejaakshara form of mantras and such subtle aspects of the traditional practices, is another stupendous task that Swaanandaashrama endeavours to undertake by establishing Ganesha Jnana–Vijnana Samshodhana Centre–(GJVSC), a temple of knowledge and learning for the scholars and researchers.

The purpose of establishment of this centre is to declare to the world that worship of Ganesha in all the traditional ways is not to crusade a blind faith, but to unravel the scientific and intellectual facets of the study and practice of Ganesha worship.

The research centre is aimed that constantly encouraging and fostering compilation of every information on various traditional practices of Ganesha worship and study of puranas with an ultimate goal to document the scientific benefits that accrue to the human mind focusing on understanding its efforts to connect with the cosmic energy. 

Today, Yoga is not a fad, but a scientific and dynamic way to control the body and mind and the scientific research has given the authenticity of the claims that the yogis made while propagating yoga for the man.  Similarly, the study of the science behind Ganesha worship is to impart the ultimate lesson that this branch of knowledge will universally help devotees to evolve themselves spiritually, through an intellectual and scientific study.

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