|| Om Sri Mahaganapathaye Namaha ||
Sri Swanandaashrama
(Ganesha Mahasamsthana)
Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya
Sonda Swarnavalli Mahasamstana
Ayurveda Parampara

Ganesha Purana, states that The Lord Ganapathi is the source of Ayurveda.  Extensive scriptural knowledge is available for a simple, healthy living, without resorting to medical interventions. Nature in all its abundance supports healthy lifestyles and even has a cure with natural herbal products. Living life as per shastras, in consonance with nature is extolled in Ayurveda.
            Ayurvedic plants are cultivated at the Ashram on a pilot program basis. Ayurvedic Practioners are invited to the Ashram regularly to share knowledge and methods. The Ayurveda Parampara project of the Ashram extensively campaigns for reviving knowledge of both ancient living methods and herbal interventions.

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