|| Om Sri Mahaganapathaye Namaha ||
Sri Swanandaashrama
(Ganesha Mahasamsthana)
Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya
Sonda Swarnavalli Mahasamstana
Social Service


Along with the massive construction project of temple complex  “Sri Swanada asharam” being a public charitable trust has naturally has focussed on educational, cultural, environmental and social service projects so as to enthuse the deovotees and rural folk reciding in the near by hamlets to join in our mission of bringing about social, cultural and environmental  awareness while establishing various centers of culture, research and education to meet the multiple social goals of the trust. 

The following focus areas have been ordained by our Shri Guruji

The vision of Swamiji is that projects should emphasis on rural education, health and protection of environment for future generations leads to well being of self development of society. The following projects were conceived on the broad guidelines set out by him.

Other Infrastructure Projects: 

The Supporing infrastructure needed to support the various projects including:

  • Swananda Bhavan, an auditorium for educational purpose, conferences and bhajanas
  • A Gallery for exhibiting Ganesha collections depiciting Swananda Loka
  • A Library for Swananda Bala Ganapathi and Ayurveda Literature

The avenues for doing good in the society are unlimited.  The Projects are an attempt to follow Swamji's vision for rural education,  good health and protection of the environment.



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