|| Om Sri Mahaganapathaye Namaha ||
Sri Swanandaashrama
(Ganesha Mahasamsthana)
Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya
Sonda Swarnavalli Mahasamstana
Vidya Chetan

The first endeavour was an effort to include village children with, interaction, support and encouragement to attend school.  Swanandashrama's Vidya Chethana project helps economically backward children with their basic school education.  Having started in the year 1998 with just 5 children , the project has grown to help around 1053 children as of today in the year 2015. These are the children who have dreams to study and make it big in their lives but their family financial conditions doesnot let them pursue their dreams.  Such children are adopted by the Ashrama's Vidya Chethana Project  and are helped financially for continuing their basic school education.  All their education needs like the tution fees, uniform, shoes, books, stationary, bus fees are taken care of by the project.  Literacy is the most important aspect for the growth of any country. 
The Vidya Chethana project aims at fulfilling the basic necessity of education to needy children so as to help the society and the country at large.    There is a famous saying: "Give a Man a Grain, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Grow, Feed Him For a Lifetime".  So, by giving the children education, the project aims to make them stand on their own legs in the future and  come outof the shackles of economic backwardness.
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Vidya Chetan
Vidya Chetan

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